Plug-ins’ Installation for Spherical Panoramas Viewing



There are several methods of the spherical panoramas viewing with Internet Explorer in the Internet.
1.  The most simple, comfortable and with the best quality of viewing. It is necessary to install small plug-in DevalVR for Internet Explorer. Open the link, then click Run and Execute/Apply/Install. That is all.

The latest versions of DevalVR draw in details an image, a picture turns more smoothly and an inertance effect has been realized.
There is an interesting tool  Telescope  - right Shift. If there are pictures with a good resolution, a virtual spyglass allows examining small fragments while the whole image stays at the original zoom.

2.  The spherical panoramas can be viewed in Quick Time Player.  Have patience, you have to download about 20Mb. 

Follow the link:
Mark “QuickTime 7.x.x for Windows XP or Vista” and click the big blue button “Free download Now”, then choose  Run and Execute/Apply/Install. You can view the spherical panoramas after you have downloaded and installed Quick Time.

Several important remarks while viewing.

Take note that the spherical panorama image is interactive:

While panorama’s viewing you can zoom in and zoom out the image with left buttons Ctrl и Shift, rotate the image to the left-right and up-down using a mouse.

It’s important! The panoramas are optimized to be viewed using a full-screen display mode, and they can be viewed not good if you open them using a window mode.

If you opened the panorama using the window mode, set Internet Explorer into the full-screen
display mode (F11) and click Refresh (F5), then everything will be viewed rightly.


















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