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Helicopter Journey over Manhattan






I would like to offer a virtual journey on helicopter over Manhattan. You will see New York in details bird's eye view.

I recommend to make your browser to a full-screen display mode firstly. Otherwise the panoramas from our helicopter can be opened into the view which is not convenient for the observation.

There are blue marks of photography places on a map below. If you click the mark, you will open a description and a picture-link to the interactive helicopter panorama. The image can be zoomed in, zoomed out, rotated all around including up and down. Your browser will automatically set to panorama's viewing, but in case it is necessary, you will find a reference to Plug-ins' Installation for Spherical Panoramas Viewing on this page.







Besides, you can take journey without the map if you follow the pictures below. Each picture is a link to a panorama.










Brooklin Bridge

We are over the Brooklyn Bridge. If you are in New York, it is interesting to walk there.




Central Park

Over Central Park is the rectangular oasis of nature in the stone jungle.




Empire State Building

Empire State Building is firm symbol of the American power.












Kips Bay - East Village

We are over the East Village and the Kips Bay. These are informal names of New York’s districts.



Chrysler Buildig

The Chrysler Building is the skyscraper of Chrysler Company, was built in 1930. It’s one of New York’s symbols. The building height is 319 m.










Battery Park

It is seen from here the place where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre stood on 11-th of September. Now there is a plain site, the building is being realized.













Millennium UN Plaza Hotel. The 40-th Floor Window View.

We are at the level of the 40-th floor. I had to pay extra to the helicopter pilot.


Governors Island. It is impossible to understand how people get there.

Governors Island.





Millennium UN Plaza Hotel. The 37-th Floor Window View.

We are at the level of the 37-th floor










Millenium Un Plaza Hotel. The 37-th Floor, night

Evening, NY has lighted fires. Cautiously got out a head from a window and turn a little



This is the end of our helicopter journey over Manhattan. Congratulations! Not every New Yorker has ever realized something like that. I hope you enjoyed. See you later!

IIf you like to fly over Manhattan by real helicopter, go to Liberty Helicopters

For a better photography it is more convenient to charter a helicopter. In this case you can fly everywhere you wish and not follow the tourist route which is determined beforehand

I’m grateful to Andrei Zubets for the help in photo material processing.

Oleg Gaponyuk, Andrei Zubets. New York – Moscow. September 2007- April 2008.

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Broadway, Time Square

Beginning of Broadway. Near is famous Time Square. The stable symbol of American power is the Empire State Building.







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